IAFT Love Stories: Reza Adarle and Anne Adela May


Some call it destiny while others just by chance, but one thing’s for sure, love always finds a way at the right time. You’ll never know when someone you might have met in the past may become part of your future. Just like the story of Alumni, Reza Adarle Rabaya and Anne Adela May Campbell, the crazy duo who found each other at IAFT Cebu, whose paths crossed way before in an unexpected circumstance.

How long have you two been together?
Reza & Anne:
We have been together for nearly 3 years.


How did you two meet?
Reza: I met Anne over at IAFT but she said we both met back in Melbourne, Australia at a heavy metal concert (which I did not remember).

Anne: We met a long time ago in Melbourne at a music gig, but he doesn’t remember me… no impact. Hahaha! But then we met again at IAFT. When I saw his face I thought he looked familiar, so I ‘Facebook stalked.’


What made you notice or what were your first impressions of each other?

Anne: My first impression of Reza was that he was so outgoing and really funny. He made me laugh in our first conversation. Also, I like his nose ring.

Reza: When I first saw her, she was very attractive but that though makes you say ‘Way out of my league. No chance’ But after meeting her for the first time, she was really funny and we got along well.


How did you propose to her?
Reza: She needed help with finding an accessory for her GoPro… so I took that chance to also ask her for dinner.

Anne: I really needed a new stand for my GoPro and being new to Cebu, I was scared to go to Ayala alone so Reza offered to come with me. What I thought was a simple mall run turned into a date.


How did you keep your relationship strong?

Anne: Trust. Nothing is strong with out it. We Skype or phone everyday and keep active sending pictures of stuff we think the other will enjoy.

Reza: Right now, we always keep communicating with each other through social media, we always tell each other how our day or evening was. We constantly send photos to each other, wherever we are and whatever we do.


Memorable moments in IAFT

We have a lot of memorable moments in IAFT. It’s really hard to say but I always enjoy our random date nights around Cebu, finding new places to eat, trying new activities hahaha! But what I enjoy doing the most is doing yoga with her and with others in the Bigfoot dance studio. People’s expressions when doing unfortunately activities are priceless.

Anne: Oh my god! Too many IAFT moments! We are crazy people!!! But I think one of the best times that stay in my heart is the patience Reza had with me learning lines for class. Seriously nothing can test a relationship more then learning lines for a show.



Anne: Some advice I can give is to make sure you both laugh often, if you love someone only make him or her cry of happiness. Eat lots of food together and find happiness in the little things. Compliment them with their work and make them better. Build them up and create your kingdom together.

Reza: Communication is key to all relationship. Even though it is a cliché sentence but its true. Always do small gesture to show that you always care for them and of course, FOOD! I remember when she feels under the weather, I say let’s go for sushi or lamb shank meal, you then you see your other half smile really quick.



About Reza:

Reza Adarle Rabaya is an IAFT graduate from the program Diploma in 3D Animation. He was the Digital Effects Artist for the short film “The Paper Plane Man” that got Honorable Mention at the Global Shorts Awards. He is now based in Dubai and currently works as a Multimedia Producer for the Dubai Government Media, as well as manages his own design company, Pew Pew. Rawr Designs.


About Anne:

Anne Adela May Campbell is a graduate of IAFT’s Performing Arts-Acting program. She is an actress known for her role in the short film “The Waves” that has won “Best Film” and “Best Story” at the “Sparta XLII” Ottawa Film Festival in Canada. Anne was also part of the crew for Fashion One Television’s Original Series, “Design Genius.” Based in Australia, she currently travels the world working as a flight attendant in one of Asia’s leading airlines.