IAFT does not hire career professors. We hire Mentors…

A Mentor is someone who believes in you, who sees your potential, and who wants to help you find your own path to success. We hire industry-experienced professionals that want to share their experience and knowledge of their craft.

We know that you want to be taught by those that have actually worked in the industry and have real working experience to share. IAFT Mentors are chosen from around the globe with careful consideration. Our Mentors have actual industry experience, instructional skills, and – most importantly – the ability to nurture you in your creative and technical aspirations.

Because we hire working professionals, we cannot promise who our mentors will be in any given term.

What we can promise is that all of our Mentors will be veterans of the industry with knowledge to share.

IAFT’s mentor rotation is a huge benefit to our students. There is no right or wrong answer – to anything. One person’s mistake is another’s artistic decision. IAFT tries to offer our students as many different views as possible.

The more points of view you are exposed to, the better you’ll become as an artist. And more than that, with every new Mentor, you expand your industry network. The more people you know, the easier it is to find work when you leave.

IAFT Mentors are here to guide you to success. They are here to show you how to create your own path and get you where you want to go.

More than just our Mentors, IAFT also routinely enlists top lecturers to give you unique, practical insights into the field.

Are you ready to take the first step? Apply now and let our Mentors guide you to success in the creative industry.

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Gerald James D’Lonsod SOUND MENTOR




Mark McKeown Filmmaking Mentor

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