International Students

A Diverse Community

International Academy of Film and Television- Cebu is true to its goals by delivering world-class experience. It has a diverse community that students are from different countries.

It is a great place to know more, not just the program you are in but in continually learning the different culture. No matter where the students are from they will be comfortable with our homey vibes, quick to start friends, and everything we offer.

Certain arrangements differ for international students.

For Non-Restricted national, applicants can come to the country for a visa free for 30 days or less.

For Restricted national, applicants should secure a proper visa from a Philippine Embassy or Consulate prior to your entry to the Philippines. Applicants can call directly the Philippines’ Embassy for the list of requirements.

And since we only offer less than a year courses, under the Philippine Immigration Law, we assist our international students only with tourist visas

NOTE: The number of visa days may vary depending on the Embassy’s discretion.

International Applicants should make sure to have:

  1. Passport (valid for not less than 6 months from departure and exit/return ticket.)
  2. Special Studies permit (Applicants will apply on this upon arrival)

The fees are separate from the school fees. Our School Immigration Officer will be assisting an applicant for the extension of the days, permits, and the whole process.

If you have further questions about IAFT, including our programs, the type of training you will receive, housing options, scheduling, applying for a visa, or any other queries. Feel free to Contact Us and speak to one of our Admissions Advisor.