IAFT Love Stories: Bani and Mai


When a simple “Hello” ends up with a binding promise of “I do,” stories like this makes us believe that happily ever after does exist in the real world. IAFT Filmmaking Alumni Bani Logroño and Mai Guillermo Logroño prove that a simple act of kindness goes a long way, all the way to forever in this case. This is their love story…

How long have you been together?

BF/GF since Dec 2011

Bani proposed on July 3, 2015

Got married on Dec 30, 2016


How did you two meet?

We didn’t know each other before film school. We first met at IAFT. We just ran into each other after school at the front of the IAFT building.


What made you notice or what were your first impressions of each other?

Mai: My first impression of Bani is that he was snobby. This was the first time we met at the facade of the school. After I asked for his name and introduced myself, he went on and rode a jeepney without saying goodbye. Haha!

Bani: She was the first schoolmate to show kindness by inviting me to upper batch shoots when I didn’t know much about filmmaking yet so I thought she was really friendly. It was my first day of school and my first week in the Philippines so I had no other friends yet when we first met.


How did you keep the relationship strong after IAFT?

Bani: Communication. We always talk about our plans and goals for the future and how to get there. And though working together can be difficult, we work in separate sides of the production (I handle the creative side and she handles the paperwork and logistics) … so “opposites attract” still applies to us.


How did you propose or asked “The” question?

Bani: Just a simple proposal by Manila Bay. I pretended that I was shooting cinematic shots of the sunset so I told Mai where to stand for the video. Then I proposed. Don’t remember what I exactly said… something about envisioning the rest of my life with her.


IAFT Memorable/Unforgettable moment (s)

Mai: There are a lot of memorable moments with my husband! From late-night shoots to waking up early for a class the next day, we will always be together.


Relationship Advice

We’re not experts in relationships but I guess just keep communicating, respecting each other’s time, and talking about your future goals together.




About Bani & Mai:


Joel Nathan “Bani” B. Logroño and Mai Guillermo Logroño are both Diploma in Filmmaking graduates from the International Academy of Film and Television (Batch 2011). They both work in their own production company, Spyron-AV Manila as Film Writer & Director and Producer, respectively, as well as Board members of the Philippine World War II Memorial Foundation. They are known in the industry for films such as “Honor: The Legacy of Jose Abad Santos” (2018), “Valor: The Legacy of Col. Emmanuel V. De Ocampo” (2017), “Manila 1945: The Rest of the Story” (2015), “Unsurrendered 2: The Hunters ROTC Guerrillas” (2015) and “The Race” (2012).