3 Reasons why IAFT’s Chills and Thrills is fun

Embracing Halloween spirit has been a traditional here in IAFT- Cebu and when the calendar hits October, everybody gets a good kind of chills and thrills. It’s not just about dressing up as vampire or their favorite character but rather strengthens the friendship and it’s always fun here in IAFT Cebu, the only Film School in Philippines for more than 13 years.

We definitely know what fun means too! We’re now giving you why our Halloween party is not just solely learning how to make movies, or a film editing school, or filmmaking students too occupied on their production days and indulge themselves to filmmaking books alone. Even our Acting Students, aside from learning acting techniques and memorizing their lines for their upcoming final shows; Our 3D Animation students dedicating their time modeling their character, or busy rendering their animation final projects, making motion graphics and perfecting their character.

Guess what? They have awesome time management and they know how to really spend a good Halloween day. This is not just going be just another trick-or-treats in the film academy because it’s mostly treats.


Funny Costumes

We know it already, all of our students are creative but this time it’s maximising their creativity and humour. We wanted to have them wear spooky but if they do, it’s just getting more creative and funnier. Did we mention, most of their costumes are from an indigenous budget.
It might be true that it does not matter how much you spend on a costumes as long as you are feeling the Halloween vibe.


Halloween is a great day to party hard or maybe not. Treats can make their whole lives completely good. We spent our Halloween with a day filled with treat and friendships.


We actually know the drill, after the party there’s good food but most especially it creates good bond. We don’t enjoy spooky night talking about film to make, monologues to memorize, and sharing insight about 3D Animation or visual effects without good friends around.
So go ahead and enjoy scrolling through their pictures. Either if you are into Halloween kind-of-person or not, when you’re in IAFT we don’t left being scared, we like scaring one another with sweet Halloween time and more.


The program started with a good opening remarks followed by games, presentations, and treats!

Our filmmaking student Kevin as Princess Kevin holding his certificate that he is really a princess, just for legit purposes, won! Acting Student, Rueben as a TRex, and Kenza, filmmaking student as Dorothy of Wizard of Oz were among the top 3 Best Costumes.

IAFT Cebu gave minor prizes for the other students. Acting Student, Denise, Filmmaking Students, Reizel & Maria were the ones who won the top 3 best in costume too.

We end our Halloween Party with a good food and talks at our Student Lounge.



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