IAFT Alumni Dominate Sinulog Short Film Festival 2018

Photo by: Hannah May Ybalez (Facebook)


International Academy of Film and Television Filmmaking Alumnus, Christian Paolo Lat, has once again dominated the Sinulog Short Film Festival, an annual showcase of local filmmakers held in Cebu, Philippines. Lat’s short film, “Ginhawa” (Breathe), a story about a boxer who finds the meaning of life, won Best Short Film, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, and Best Production Design this year. Last 2016, his entry “Igsoon,” also bagged the top prize at the same festival.


Christian Lat, Filmmaker
IAFT Alumnus


How did you feel after sweeping the awards including winning the grand prize at the Sinulog Short Film Festival 2018?

It was a familiar feeling because the last time we joined we had sweep most of the awards. Even though the lack of preparation, time and budget these are factors that would always be against your odd all you can do is make the best of what you have. Since I knew I had a really good team and they were very supportive of my vision we knew that we were going to win.


What was your inspiration in doing the film “Ginhawa”?

I’ve just wanted to do something different and challenge myself as an actor and a director. I grew up watching Pacquiao and boxing. It’s also gave me a reason to get back in shape after having quite an unhealthy lifestyle you know how it is in filmmaking.



What are the challenges you’ve encountered in making the short film and how have you overcome it?

It is always the usual. I’ve just set my mind that as long as you stay focus and have a positive mindset there will always be a solution or I just learnt adapt in any situation. We had 5 days to shoot and edit the movie almost felt like we weren’t going going to make it on the deadline but once again I had a great team that has my back. Teamwork makes the dream work.


What’s next for Christian Lat and/or the film Ginhawa?

Another Film is always in the making and there’s lots of content we’re releasing this year from film, commercial and music videos.


Advise to aspiring filmmakers?

If you don’t plan to take it seriously then consider finding a different occupation because this isn’t for everyone. You must really want it and willing to work the hardest. If you truly believe that this filmmaking thing is for you then keep on going. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes but instead learn from it.



Another big winner at the Sinulog Film Festival this year is IAFT Filmmaking Alumnus, Eli Razo, who also won multiple awards for his short film, “Merci,” including Best Story and Screenplay, 2nd place for Best Short Film and Nicolas Ampatin as Best Supporting Actor.

IAFT Love Stories: Bani and Mai


When a simple “Hello” ends up with a binding promise of “I do,” stories like this makes us believe that happily ever after does exist in the real world. IAFT Filmmaking Alumni Bani Logroño and Mai Guillermo Logroño prove that a simple act of kindness goes a long way, all the way to forever in this case. This is their love story…

How long have you been together?

BF/GF since Dec 2011

Bani proposed on July 3, 2015

Got married on Dec 30, 2016


How did you two meet?

We didn’t know each other before film school. We first met at IAFT. We just ran into each other after school at the front of the IAFT building.


What made you notice or what were your first impressions of each other?

Mai: My first impression of Bani is that he was snobby. This was the first time we met at the facade of the school. After I asked for his name and introduced myself, he went on and rode a jeepney without saying goodbye. Haha!

Bani: She was the first schoolmate to show kindness by inviting me to upper batch shoots when I didn’t know much about filmmaking yet so I thought she was really friendly. It was my first day of school and my first week in the Philippines so I had no other friends yet when we first met.


How did you keep the relationship strong after IAFT?

Bani: Communication. We always talk about our plans and goals for the future and how to get there. And though working together can be difficult, we work in separate sides of the production (I handle the creative side and she handles the paperwork and logistics) … so “opposites attract” still applies to us.


How did you propose or asked “The” question?

Bani: Just a simple proposal by Manila Bay. I pretended that I was shooting cinematic shots of the sunset so I told Mai where to stand for the video. Then I proposed. Don’t remember what I exactly said… something about envisioning the rest of my life with her.


IAFT Memorable/Unforgettable moment (s)

Mai: There are a lot of memorable moments with my husband! From late-night shoots to waking up early for a class the next day, we will always be together.


Relationship Advice

We’re not experts in relationships but I guess just keep communicating, respecting each other’s time, and talking about your future goals together.




About Bani & Mai:


Joel Nathan “Bani” B. Logroño and Mai Guillermo Logroño are both Diploma in Filmmaking graduates from the International Academy of Film and Television (Batch 2011). They both work in their own production company, Spyron-AV Manila as Film Writer & Director and Producer, respectively, as well as Board members of the Philippine World War II Memorial Foundation. They are known in the industry for films such as “Honor: The Legacy of Jose Abad Santos” (2018), “Valor: The Legacy of Col. Emmanuel V. De Ocampo” (2017), “Manila 1945: The Rest of the Story” (2015), “Unsurrendered 2: The Hunters ROTC Guerrillas” (2015) and “The Race” (2012).

IAFT Love Stories: Reza Adarle and Anne Adela May


Some call it destiny while others just by chance, but one thing’s for sure, love always finds a way at the right time. You’ll never know when someone you might have met in the past may become part of your future. Just like the story of Alumni, Reza Adarle Rabaya and Anne Adela May Campbell, the crazy duo who found each other at IAFT Cebu, whose paths crossed way before in an unexpected circumstance.

How long have you two been together?
Reza & Anne:
We have been together for nearly 3 years.


How did you two meet?
Reza: I met Anne over at IAFT but she said we both met back in Melbourne, Australia at a heavy metal concert (which I did not remember).

Anne: We met a long time ago in Melbourne at a music gig, but he doesn’t remember me… no impact. Hahaha! But then we met again at IAFT. When I saw his face I thought he looked familiar, so I ‘Facebook stalked.’


What made you notice or what were your first impressions of each other?

Anne: My first impression of Reza was that he was so outgoing and really funny. He made me laugh in our first conversation. Also, I like his nose ring.

Reza: When I first saw her, she was very attractive but that though makes you say ‘Way out of my league. No chance’ But after meeting her for the first time, she was really funny and we got along well.


How did you propose to her?
Reza: She needed help with finding an accessory for her GoPro… so I took that chance to also ask her for dinner.

Anne: I really needed a new stand for my GoPro and being new to Cebu, I was scared to go to Ayala alone so Reza offered to come with me. What I thought was a simple mall run turned into a date.


How did you keep your relationship strong?

Anne: Trust. Nothing is strong with out it. We Skype or phone everyday and keep active sending pictures of stuff we think the other will enjoy.

Reza: Right now, we always keep communicating with each other through social media, we always tell each other how our day or evening was. We constantly send photos to each other, wherever we are and whatever we do.


Memorable moments in IAFT

We have a lot of memorable moments in IAFT. It’s really hard to say but I always enjoy our random date nights around Cebu, finding new places to eat, trying new activities hahaha! But what I enjoy doing the most is doing yoga with her and with others in the Bigfoot dance studio. People’s expressions when doing unfortunately activities are priceless.

Anne: Oh my god! Too many IAFT moments! We are crazy people!!! But I think one of the best times that stay in my heart is the patience Reza had with me learning lines for class. Seriously nothing can test a relationship more then learning lines for a show.



Anne: Some advice I can give is to make sure you both laugh often, if you love someone only make him or her cry of happiness. Eat lots of food together and find happiness in the little things. Compliment them with their work and make them better. Build them up and create your kingdom together.

Reza: Communication is key to all relationship. Even though it is a cliché sentence but its true. Always do small gesture to show that you always care for them and of course, FOOD! I remember when she feels under the weather, I say let’s go for sushi or lamb shank meal, you then you see your other half smile really quick.



About Reza:

Reza Adarle Rabaya is an IAFT graduate from the program Diploma in 3D Animation. He was the Digital Effects Artist for the short film “The Paper Plane Man” that got Honorable Mention at the Global Shorts Awards. He is now based in Dubai and currently works as a Multimedia Producer for the Dubai Government Media, as well as manages his own design company, Pew Pew. Rawr Designs.


About Anne:

Anne Adela May Campbell is a graduate of IAFT’s Performing Arts-Acting program. She is an actress known for her role in the short film “The Waves” that has won “Best Film” and “Best Story” at the “Sparta XLII” Ottawa Film Festival in Canada. Anne was also part of the crew for Fashion One Television’s Original Series, “Design Genius.” Based in Australia, she currently travels the world working as a flight attendant in one of Asia’s leading airlines.


IAFT Love Stories: Ankit and Megan Louise


They say love goes beyond borders. There’s always that special moment where paths meet and serendipity takes place. It’s what you that would determine what happens next. Here’s a cute love story between now IAFT Alumni, Ankit Rawat and Megan Louise Hernandez, who took a chance at love and still continues to endure despite the distance.

How long have you been together?

Megan: We’ve been together for 2 years Right now, long distance for a year. Ankit Rawat is in India, while I am in the Philippines.

Ankit: We started dating August 2015, and we became official on September 22. So it’s almost 2 year and 4 months approximately.


How did you two meet?

Megan: (Oh Lord. Haha!) We first met after I actually enrolled in IAFT. I think it was the first day of class for the 101’s, as well as my first time eating at their cafeteria in Bigfoot. I was with my first film school friend, Yani, and we got to meet up with Moja over lunch. We were sitting over the tables and Ankit came along. Moja introduced him to us. So yeah, that’s how I first met him.

Ankit: I was entering my 301 and Megan was in her 101. The first time I met her was in the cafeteria and as far as I can remember it was a Friday. She just joined IAFT so it was her Introduction day. I wanna thank Moja ‘cause of him I was able to introduce myself to her. I am kind of an introvert person and I never talk much especially to a girl. Moja, in the other hand, is very extrovert. He already met the new IAFT students so he just pushed me to talk to new girls hahaha! Thank you Moja!


What made you notice or what were your first impressions of each other?

Ankit: Haha! Sorry Megan! Well my first impression of her was she is a tomboy. The first thing you would notice are her braces. (hehe!) Oh man, I want to tell more (hehe!) but let’s not go too far ;D To keep it simple, she was stuck in my mind.

Megan: To be honest, I didn’t notice Ankit that much. I know, unfortunately. I had an impression he’ll be a good friend, you know, like a brother. I also got the impression that he’s funny, and silly. But as I got to know him, he really was like that, but he was also hardworking, and an emotional, sensitive person. He’s adorable. What really got me to like him was how dedicated he was, and how much he’s just different from the rest of the guys I know. That may be such a cheesy thing to say but it’s true.


How did you propose or asked “The” question?

Ankit: Well I can’t forget how I proposed to her. (OMG) She is so innocent. We were going back to school after dinner in ZABDANI (it was a date actually FOR ME); so while walking I asked her “Do you like me?” And Megan said yes. She was blushing, but then I added “No, I mean ‘like like’, not the normal friendly ‘like’. The g.f b.f ‘like’” And she said yes again. So I grabbed her hand and we talk a lot that night.

Megan: I can still remember it clearly (laughs). First things first, this wouldn’t happen without the help of my best friend, Yani. (Thanks, girl!) We were on our way to the dance studio at Bigfoot (2nd floor) to meet Ankit cause they were planning to dance just for fun (Ankit danced back when he was elementary). Yani asked me if I liked Ankit, and I said yes. But she pressed on, meaning to say do I “like him, like him”. I hesitated and then said YES, and you can imagine how she reacted. After their dance thing, we were chilling on the corner and Yani started calling me to come closer. She whispered to my ear like it was a secret “He likes you too”. And of course, my eyes were wide. Oh, wow. But what I didn’t expect is she went to Ankit to do the same thing. I truly know she whispered to him “She likes you too”. You can imagine how we stared at each other awkwardly. It felt weird. The next thing I know, that night, Ankit and I were dating at Zabadani (which was gone already long time ago, unfortunately. It was beside Shrimp Silog). Yani was there with a friend, but as we were on our way back to school, we were way behind them. Ankit then popped the question. The rest was history.


How did you keep the relationship strong after IAFT?

Ankit: I really don’t know the kind of person that I am, but I think the reason we are strong is, first, we love each other, and we don’t hold grudges, we only keep the good memories and we don’t think too much about bad memories (like arguments)
And Megan and I are kind of the same in some ways, and we trust and understand each other.

Megan: To be honest, this is my first relationship, my first boyfriend. And I feel lucky to have Ankit. Before, I’ve been the kind of girl whose friends ask for relationship advice despite the fact of not ever experiencing being in a relationship. Now that I’m in one, it’s surreal, and a lot different than what I’ve imagined. After 2 years being together, I believe what keeps us strong is to be aware that every relationship is not perfect. There will always be ups and downs. We have to embrace it and take it as an opportunity to improve ourselves as a person and as a partner. Arguments don’t mean it’s the end of the world. It’s just a temporary bad problem we’re facing, and it will go away. We have to learn to listen to each other and support each other, no matter the difficulty, no matter the distance. Conversation and listening is key.


IAFT Memorable/Unforgettable moment (s)

Ankit: Haha soooo many memorable moments I have with IAFT

  • Animation lab pizza party
  • First time entering the school (I can’t forget that smell and the feeling I had)
  • ­Night swimming and parties with my best friend, Randy ­winning Starbucks voucher in the school’s Halloween party (I don’t drink coffee I wanted to win it for Megan because she loves coffee)
  • ­ Graduation day (cause my dad was proud of me 😉 )

Megan: ­

  • First day with IAFT. Orientation Day. I was all wide eyed with excitement.
  • Dressing up for Halloween with Ankit
  • Eating ramen with Ankit and buying snacks from the convenience store for movie nights
  • Editing all day and night in the editing room or the Da Vinci Room, especially with friends. It’s the best feeling and moments when you stay in IAFT overnight.
  • ­Shooting my 301 film and my 401 film, because those were the last two terms where I have improved myself as a filmmaker. The time when everyone watched my 301 film, “Enough,” during screening night and everyone loved it. ­
  • Graduation Day because everyone was all teary eyed and we realized how much we loved our mentors and our classmates. And how much we love the memories we had. We were completely thankful for how we all ended up together that day.


Relationship Advice

Megan: I’ve learned this from Ankit. He made me realize this when we were together (and it was one of those nights where we were talking about deep stuff haha!). Relationships should never be taken lightly. It is not an accessory that you wear, and thrown off when its worn out. Relationship is when you’re with someone you know you want to spend the rest of your life with. And learn to notice the little things about your partner, study him/her, what he likes and what he doesn’t like; what is his/her limits, etc. Always talk to each other and importantly listen to each other.

Ankit: Now, listen up, guys! Relationship is not to pass the time or for small interval. When you are in a relationship you want to spend your whole life with your partner. You have to accept the faults, and trust each other. Ignore the bad times and remember the good ones. Forgive and forget


About Ankit:


Ankit Rawat hails from India and is a graduate of the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT)’s Diploma Program in Filmmaking. He is the director of the short film “Galit na Aso” that has won the “Most Popular Film” Award with it’s lead actor, Leon Miguel, receiving the “Best Actor” Award at the International Film Festival Manhattan NYC #IFFMNYC2017. Ankit was also part of the crew for Fashion One Television’s Original Series “No Grey Skies,” “Design Genius,” “The Campaign,” and “Wardrobe Warriors.” He currently works as a Freelance Filmmaker.


About Megan:


Megan Louise Hernandez is from the Philippines who graduated with a Diploma in Filmmaking at the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT). She is the director for the short films “Mirror,” “Daydream,” “Enough,” and “Fragments” as well as the assistant director for Global Shorts Honorable Mention Winner 2016, “The Paper Plane Man.” She also has worked with Fashion One Television’s “Design Genius” series. Megan currently is a Project Associate of TBA Studios and Apprentice of Direk Jerrold Tarog for the Heneral Luna film sequel, Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral.