TM Malones wins Best Cinematography & Best Screenplay in Cinemalaya 2017

Cinemalaya is one of the Philippines most anticipated and the biggest Film Festival. Every year, they promote exciting and interesting films. They ended their festival last August 13, Sunday with their annual awards night held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

On another vein, we’re proud to express our Congratulations to our alumnus, TM Malones who have won two (2) awards during the Cinemalaya 2017.  He won the Best Screenplay for his film, “Bawod”

and Best Cinematography for the film “Baconaua”.

-photo grabbed from HighTide FB page.

A wonderful experience

How was your learning experience in IAFT Cebu?

I had a wonderful experience learning from the industry professionals who taught at IAFT when I was enrolled. It was more about learning through practice, and so I got to be involved in a lot of projects, which gave me enough experience to get into the film and video production industries pretty easily right after graduation.

What were the best memories you have of IAFT?

Some of my best memories from IAFT are when there are when I get to be involved in out-of-town student productions. Mactan Cebu is a beautiful place, but it is also surrounded by a lot of other beautiful places like Bacolod, Iloilo, Bohol and Dumaguete, and it’s always an adventure when an opportunity presents itself to visit another part of the Philippines with your fellow film classmates.

Any current projects?

I am working on my fourth World War II documentary film set to release at the end of this year, as well as a few other smaller projects, including an animated short film and a virtual reality short film. All of these projects are to raise awareness of the unknown heroes of World War II in the Philippines.

The Documentary film will be set to screened to some places in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Recently, they had a screening in Davao, Philippines. Bani is planning to make more films and this time, it will be focusing about Filipino Heroes. He wants to send important story of some of the bravest Filipinos to the youth.

Bani Logroño