Getting Trained at a Film School


The broadest and most creative field is the film industry. Movie schools are abundant all around the world and these schools look after their students’ best interests – they aim to train successful filmmakers. After a student successfully completes the course in the film school, they can be employed in film studios, government film making department, film production companies, and advertising agencies.

Some students begin their own career as a film editor, film director, soundman, film producer, camera man, assistant, and others. Some take their careers to the next level by expanding their knowledge. They spend their time online, watching short films and videos that can help them with their career. Others take an online course while looking for a competitive career in the field of film making.


For effective film making, getting trained in a movie school is essential. Film schools teach you the various aspects of producing a film – from development to physical production to post-production. Then to financing, film distribution, and film festivals. Here in the International Academy of Film and Television, we teach you film and TV acting, visual effects, and 3D animation. If you are an artistic person and have the proficiency to express ideas, then you definitely belong in the film making industry.

In Cebu, there is only one school that can help you become an excellent film maker, actor, or 3D animator. International Academy of Film and Television has helped several aspiring film makers, actors, and 3D animators jumpstart their careers. IAFT Cebu facilitates students to learn using the best and latest digital making techniques. After accomplishing the film making course in IAFT, students can develop various talents in making an effective feature film.

IAFT Cebu is the first film school in the region and has professional experts who teach students the procedures and techniques of film making. Obtaining training in IAFT Cebu will definitely pave the way for a smooth filmmaking, acting, and 3D animation career.

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“My journey at IAFT-Cebu” – Miss Earth 2014

Jamie Herrell Acting

Before enrolling in IAFT, I was studying Mass Communications in Cebu City at the University of San Jose-Recoletos. I was just a typical girl going to school, worrying about normal things that college students think about. When my Dad passed away in 2013 I had to stop school to help my Mom pay the bills. Everyone thought that 2013 was the best year of my entire life because I was always in the limelight without knowing that everything to me, in my eyes, was just a job. My family and I practically lost everything that year and the gains did not weigh as much as the losses. I went to different schools asking for a scholarship, hoping I would get accepted but none were having thoughts of giving me an opportunity to show my capabilities as a student. Then, in 2014 I visited IAFT and asked if they would consider giving me a scholarship and they did not hesitate to give me a chance. I auditioned and that same day they offered me a seat in their Acting program! As a person who tried multiple times to get a scholarship, (I couldn’t afford a good school without one) I was lucky that IAFT opened their arms and accepted me!

One of the things I love the most about IAFT is the fact that they are supportive of your dreams. When I decided to join Miss Philippines Earth (and eventually Miss Earth) they said I could take a leave of absence and when I was done with everything, I could return to my classes. I was even able to apply some of the things I learned at IAFT when I was competing in Miss Earth!

After giving away the Miss Earth crown to my successor, I came back to IAFT and they never forgot about me. In fact they were very familiar with all of the activities I had been doing since I left. Now I am a 201 Acting student and I continue to learn more skills as I enhance my capabilities as an actress.

For me IAFT is a blessing. Not only are they supportive of my goals in life but they are also willing to help me grow as a person. They are so welcoming and friendly that I feel like I am just at home. I can’t ask for more!

Jamie Herrell
Jamie Herrel, Miss Earth 2014
IAFT student – Certificate Program in Acting